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Aquired: June 2004
Sold: December 2004
Primary Stats: FWD 4 Speed Automatic Front Engine V6

This Sonata was aquired free from Craigslist in the summer of 2004. It was listed by a friend of a woman who had moved out of the country, so she just wanted to get rid of it. The car drove, so I took it.

Some of the most memorable problems with this car, which led to it's affordable price, were essentially zero oil pressure, a cooling fan that was activated by a switch wedged next to the driver's seat, leaking brake fluid, leaking transmission fluid, profusely buring oil, broken driver's door lock, bad right front CV joint, mysteriously damaged paint, partially functional power windows, and a dead battery. Needless to say, I repaired none of these problems but instead drove the car around in the hopes it would not actually catch fire. I drove it mostly around town, but also to work for 2 weeks when my Cherokee was having the transmission repaired. It was quite an adventure. Eventually I sold the car for $100 (also craigslist) and divested myself of it's myriad problems. Overall, I only put a few hundred into the car, mostly in the new battery and insurance fees, so I view it's ownership as a succeess.

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