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This is a partial listing of cars I am interested in enough to own at some point, with applicable stats and reasons for each.

Mitusbisi Galant VR-4

Two of my good friends have or have had Galant Vr-4's and I've always thought they were the best DSM vehicles. They are much more useful than the hatches in my opinion, and I like the styling of the Galant. AWD is obviously a big attraction, as is the fact that they're fairly fast and easy to modify, and unlike Talons/Eclipses I like the interiors. Also the fact that they are rare makes me more interested.

1987 Nissan 300zx Turbo, 5 speed, with T-Tops and Digital Dash

One of the most 80s looking vehicles ever created. The Digital Dash option is INTENSE and one of the things I most like about the car. Performance wise, they're ok but nothing special in my book, this one I want for style.

1994-6 Chevy Impala SS

Lord Vader, your car is ready. The last muscle car, before they came back. Huge, fast, and wonderfully styled, the Impala is the ultimate cruiser. With the LT-1 Engine from a Corvette, these were used as Police cars for several years. I'd prefer an Impala over a Police Package Caprice, because I'd really like the console shifter and leather packages, as well as the exterior styling cues of the Impala (and being able to get it in black, which is rare on the Caprice). Unfortunately, these things are priced way too high.

E28 BMW M5

Sexiest car ever made. The inline 6 cylinder on this thing has solid lifters and individual throttle bodies. I'm looking for black on tan, and that fantastic spoiler on the back.

E36 BMW 325is, 1993-7

These things have come down in price a a lot in the last few years, you can now get the earlier ones for less than 4 grand, so this is a good candidate to replace my Prelude as a summer driver. Though harder to find in stick shift than they should be, this car is probably the best feeling car to drive at it's price point. My father has has had a 94 318i, and it's great, the 325 will do a lot to cure the only problems i have with his otherwise fantastic vehicle, which are 1)not enouth power, and 2)automatic. I'm torn on whether or not I want an early one or a later one, the VANOS system is good when it works, but prone to breakage (after 94 all 325s had single VANOS, which adjusts the valve timing on the intake cam). Also, the older ones are a fair amount cheaper than the late 90s models.

Shelby CSX

Made in extremely limited numbers, the CSX is a Shelby modified turbo Dodge Shadow. Ugly as hell, rarer than almost anything, the CSX has a kind of appeal many don't understand.

1991 Honda Prelude 2.1 Si AWS

The best of it's era, the 2.1L engine has carbon fiber enhanced cylinder walls and solid lifters. it's increase of 98ccs over the 2.0 Prelude nets a whopping 5hp gain. I'd really like an all wheel steering model, the Prelude setup actually turns both ways with a single turn of the wheel, first adjusting the rear wheels in the same direction as the fronts, then, as the turn becomes sharper, they reverse and end up turning the opposite way. In this way, while traveling at highway speeds, where the steering wheel is typically only turned a few degrees, the rears turn the same way for stability. When the wheel is turned further, typically at low speeds or while parking, they decrease turning radius for tight maneuvering. This system is also totally mechaninal, with no electronic control.

DMC DeLorean

Ok, so who doesn't want a DeLorean? In addition to making you feel like you're back in the future, they're slow, unreliable, and have more front seat leg room than a Lamborghini Diablo. What a stat. Anyway, I'm interested in these total crap piles because of a little known outfit that now occupies that sells completely rebuilt "new spec" DeLoreans.

Triumph TR6

My next extremely unreliable car will likley be a Triumph TR6, the last of the "old" TR body line before the redesign resulting in the TR7 of 1977. Made from 69-76, the US spec TR6 had a 2.5L carburated inline 6 putting 104hp to the rear wheels. Brits alone enjoyed the fuel injected 150hp version. I really like the style of these, and after owning a 944 I need a more challenging vehicle to own. Small convertible roadsters are also fun, and every car should have a wood dash.

Porsche 944S2

Beautiful cars (yes, they look just like 951's). The S2 is a great package, and a car I'd very much like to own after having had a turbo for so long.

Monte Carlo SS (4th gen, 83-88)

The Monte Carlo SS was the "last full frame rear wheel drive carbureted V8 car make by GM." If that doesn't make you want one, well, I guess nothing will... Anyway, I like the styling of the Monte Carlo, it's got an agressive yet square look that just yells "watch out, or I'll cut you with my corners!" They make 180hp stock from the L69 305, but you can just jam a 350 in there, which I would think about doing if I get one. Anything but the auto tranny is a lot of work though. I'm not particularly enamored with the Aerocoupe, as part of the reason I like the car is it's non smooth lines

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