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My current "primary" vehicle is a 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo. As could be expected from a vehicle of this caliber, it is rarely running. Therefore, I usually drive a 1995 Jeep Cherokee Sport and a 1989 Honde Prelude Si. The History of each of these fine vehicles can be found in the appropriate section of my CarBio. This area is for other announcements and current activities, as well as writeups of repair work or reviews of products I may see fit to write.

924 Drive

View here the exciting video of my recent cross country drive in a $500 1979 Porsche 924. Details on the car will follow in the carbio. I apologize for this being in quicktime.

From Sea To Shining Sea

This video was created for a "5 Minute Movie" contest. Though buying a car, flying out to get it, and then driving cross country may seem extreme when the highest prize attainable is an iPod Shuffle (value:dirt), we went ahead with this plan anyway. We found the car through Rennlist, a Porsche enthusiast site I belong to. After much discussion but minimal thought, we agreed to purchase the car, in Long Beach, California, and booked flights west.

The first potential disaster we encountered was that Rainville almost didn't make it to California. He was flying standby, and through some sort of miraculous course of events, got on a flight even though 6 other travelers were ahead of him and didn't make it. Also, the iBook (hereafter, refered to as the iBitch) we had gotten by the contest coordinators promtly broke while he had it in an airport in Minneapolis. Fortunately, we stole an iBitch from another group in the project, and I brought that with me on my flight.

After arriving, late, at 2 am in LA (Boston time:5 am) I met Rainville who flew into Ontario and drive approx 1 hour to LA. We spent a 3 hour "Night" in a hotel near the airport and took off at 6 to pick up the car in Long Beach. The rest is cinematic history...

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