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AnalogMath is a Lotangle Group project.
You can now view the exciting list of fine novels I've read or would like to read in the future on my Curriculum Litterae. In order to explain the apparent disgusting vanity of thinking anyone cares about this, I'll simply say that I put this little php/database project together solely for myself, so I could keep track of books I've read and avoid the constant problem of hearing about a million books I'd like to read, then promptly forgetting them. I was inspired by my mother, who has a paper list of every book she's read since high school, kept entierly up to date. She'd told me several times over the years to make my own list, but it took a slow day at the office last year and a huge surplus of avaliable server space to get me to do it.

So, to make a long story short, I taught myself enough PHP and MySQL to put this simple page together, and the result is the current site. I had originally left it open to the public, but due to my friends being assholes, I password protected the whole site, and have only now, months later, made a publically viewable (but not editable) version.
Some delightful images are now avaliable (slowly) on my Gallery, detailing my voyages around the world and other activities.
Some more mediocre updates to my mediocre website. For those who missed it (literally months ago) there's a video I made in, oh yes, windows movie maker, that details us trying to hurt ourselves at hunt camp. I've been criticized for the music, but whatever.

Also, I'm getting some more car pictures of body work I did (in the street!) on my prelude, the rustout holes are gone, so it should be legal for inspection which is due on it this month. And it does look somewhat better anyway, which is nice, as it was getting totally out of control.
AND!!! The car bio is accurate. Mostly.

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