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Obscure Tech
Aquired: October 2003
Status: General Utility / Winter Daily Driver
Running: Yes
Primary Stats: Part Time 4WD 4 Speed Automatic Transmission Front Engine 4.0L Inline 6 Cylinder

The Jeep is probably one of the best all around vehicles out there for the money. I have had very little trouble with it, and have put on a great many miles. I bought it because I was interested in a 4WD vehicle for both winter driving and light offroading. The Cherokee is very affordably priced, with some of the most "legendarily reliable" parts out there, including the 4.0HO engine, and the AW4 automatic transmission.

The only major problem the Cherokee has was a faiure of the #1 shift solenoid in the transmission. This is fortunately probably the ONLY cheap repair one can make on an automatic transmission, so it was not a big deal after it was finally determined what the problem was. I have added a Hidden Hitch brand Class III reciever hitch, which I am very happy with, as well as a set of Custom 4x4 Fabrication front tow hooks. It also sports a Flowmaster muffler, which is great except it rattles against the transmission crossmember, which I am trying to fix.

I currently run Mobil Delvac 1 full synthetic fleet oil that I have to purchase by the case from an industrial lubricant supplier (the Radio Oil company in Worcester). There is essentially no reason to do this, except that it is probably the best motor oil money can buy, and very well suited to the 4.0. It may have a radiator leak, but I am having a hard time determining the exact cause. It also could use new rear leaf springs. If I ever replace the springs, which I may not, I'll probably get a moderate lift kit from Rubicon Express, as I hear they're one of the best kits for the Cherokee.

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