Analog Math
Obscure Tech
Aquired: Fall 2000
Sold: Fall 2003
Primary Stats: FWD 3 Speed Automatic Front Engine Intercooled 2.2L Inline 5 Cyl with Water Cooled Turbocharger

I purchased this vehicle to get rid of my 1990 Honda Civic. It was my only car for almost two years until I bought the 944. Overall, this car was probably a bad move, but I liked it quite a bit. The Audi is a very comfortable and fast vehicle, even with the 3 speed automatic. I do wish it had been a Quattro, but it was still very good in the snow. It had a number of problems over it's time with me, most of them fairly expensive, including needing an Oil Pump, new lifters, radiator, turbo water pump, entire brake system, and having massive electronics failures. I had planned to sell it in 2002 after buying the 944, but decided that two cars was better than one when both are extremely unreliable. I sold it in 2003 after purchasing the Jeep Cherokee.

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