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Obscure Tech

Aquired: March 18, 2005
Lost April 29, 2005
Status: Cross Country Super Cruiser
Primary Stats: Water Cooled Front Engine Rear Wheel Drive 2 Door Coupe with 5 Speed Manual Transmission

The 924 was purchased specifically to make a cross country drive in 3 days. We picked up the car in Long Beach, California and drove it to Boston MA in a total of 51 Hours 15 Minutes. We documented the trip in the video adventure From Sea to Shining Sea.

The car was towed (for no stated reason, as the city did not follow legal procedure for abandonment, and the car was parked in a legal location) and never recovered. As of now, I have recieved no word as to it's whereabouts, so I consider it dead to me.

The vehicle appeared to be almost unbelievably slow, from it's hill climbing power I estimate it had approximately 70 remaining of it's original 115hp. It desparately needed motor mounts, and the interior was wrecked beyond reason. I was contemplating fixing it, but it's loss made recovering the car more than I wanted to pay for it. Still, the car has all sorts of quirky features I liked, the transmission shift pattern, the rotated tach, etc. And I might be interested in aquiring another one, in better condition, in the future.

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