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I am currently collecting some different examples of HP RPN calculators, mostly from the late 80s and early 90s. I currently have a 48G (of Indonesian Manufacture) and a 48SX. I also have a HP49G, the more powerful but less elegantly designed and manufactured replacement for the HP48.

Basic HP48 Info
The HP48 was a large display scientific and graphing calculator introduced in 1990 as the 48SX. The 48S was introduced the next year as a cheaper alternative without the expandable memory capability of the SX. Later in 1993 came the expandable 48GX, which had a 4mhz processor insetead of the 2Mhz of the S series, and it's lower priced counterparts the 48G (no expansion) and the 48G+ (no expansion, but more onboard memory).

Other HP Models
I am looking to aquire a single line (non graphing) RPN Scientific calculator, the HP32SII. Also of interest is the 2 line display model, the HP42S, but these are rare and very expensive now.

If you have worked completely through this handbook, you should have a very good knowledge of all the basic functions of the HP-25. But in fact you've only begun to see the power of the calculator. You'll come to understand it better and appreciate it more as you use the HP-25 daily to solve even the most complex mathematical expressions. At your fingertips you have a tool that was unavailable to Archimedes, Galileo, or Einstein. The only limits to the flexibility of the HP-25 are the limits of your own mind. -HP-25 Owner's Manual

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